Victoria Guimaraes

Short bio

Victoria is a tattoo artist from Brazil who always had a passion for painting and after graduating in architecture decided to follow her path to become an artist. After years working with her paintings she had a chance to become a tattoo apprentice back in 2018. Since then she has dedicated herself to every oportunity to learn and improve her techniques and creativity, always aiming to deliver clean and long lasting tattoos.

Tattoo style

Her style is very influenced by Japanese and neotraditional, as well as gaming and and pop culture.
She loves tattooing solid colours but she's also always open for projects in black and grey that would fit her style. In bigger or smaller projects, working on details is always her favorite part.


You can also book with her through the studio or send email for consultations

Speaks: 🇬🇧 🇧🇷

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