Short bio

Daan is a male artist born and raised in Apeldoorn, the netherlands. He always had an interest in Visual arts and drawing. From a young age he knew he wanted to be a tattooer. After high school he got a chance to do an apprenticeship and has been tattooing since. Outside tattooing he loves to paint with watercolor and ink. His favorite subjects are women, dragons and flowers. His goal is to deliver clean, long lasting tattoos with a modern classic look.

Tattoo style

His style is based on traditional and classic imagery. Drawing is something he loves to do, So giving him artistic freedom will always result in a unique piece. He likes to tattoo with a muted color palette but also loves to tattoo in black and grey. Placement on the body is very important to him. He will make sure the composition fits perfectly on the body.


Daan is always open to hear your Ideas. Daan also has a flashbook at the shop and on his instagram with designs that are ready to go and only tattooed once!

Best way to contact him is through instagram or email

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