Bodine Ester

Short bio

Bodine Ester, born and raised in Amsterdam and founder of The 9 Muses Tattoo. With a passion and unprecedented ambition to work with visual art from an early age, she has turned her passion into her profession and now does tattoos with a lot of creativity and care. In addition to tattooing, she is constantly trying to develop her creativity with painting in oils. You’ll find her painting portraits or any other classical subjects, sometimes even up-cycling objects with paintings like skateboard decks.

Tattoo style

Her style of tattooing shows a variety of japanese, neo-traditonal inspired pieces and blackwork illustrative realism. Bodine loves to draw, so collecting references and giving her creative freedom works best. With bigger pieces she’ll always keep the body part where the tattoo will be placed in mind, for a good flow and aesthetic. With her smaller finer-blackwork, she’ll go into detail wherever she can. She aims to make every tattoo a clean and tasteful one, regardless of style.


Bodine prefers personal contact, so consultations are desirable. If this is not an option for you, it is possible to book through the studio or

You can find her working at The 9 Muses Tattoo from Monday till Wednesday.

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