Aftercare & faq

After tattoo

The aftercare of a tattoo is extremely important. If you do not take good care of your tattoo, it can have major consequences, for example scarring or inflammation.

Right after getting tattooed the artist will clean and most likely moisturise the tattoo with vaseline and wrap it in clingfilm. We advise you to remove the clingfilm only when at home (or even right before bed), so that you can clean and moisturise the tattoo immediately. When you remove the plastic wash the tattoo with lukewarm water. Do not be alarmed if fluid and ink washes away; this is normal. Do not forget that the skin on which the tattoo is put is damaged. It will feel sensitive. After washing, let the tattoo air-dry. When your skin is completely dry, wash your hands well and apply a small amount of Bepanthen to your tattoo. Do not be afraid to touch the tattoo. Massage the Bepanthen in slowly until it is no longer visible. Did you get a large tattoo with lots of colour or black? In that case I always recommend to wrap your tattoo with plastic (wash and moisturise) for the first night.

First weeks caring

No swimming, sauna or sunbathing for at least 3-4 weeks. Preferably postpone
working out for the first few days.

Aftercare 1st week:
Clean your tattoo two to three times a day. Then moisturise the tattoo with Bepanthen. Does the tattoo feel dry during the day? Then again apply Bepanthen. Before you do, always wash your hands.

After about 2nd/3rd weeks:
After a week or two the tattoo is healed in most cases. The skin is still recovering, so applying Bepanthen or 100% pure coconut oil is recommended at least once a day.

Second skin

If your tattoo artist uses “second skin”:

You can leave on second skin for 1-6 days, the longer you leave it on the bigger the chance of a properly healed tattoo. Whenever the second skin is on you do not have to
take care of your tattoo. You can shower with it and it protects the wound from getting damaged and infected. Take of the second skin in the shower, and wash of the glue. From this day on follow the 2nd/3rd week aftercare rules. If you choose to work out within the first week of your tattoo, remove the second skin before you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it going to cost me?

A quality tattoo will always cost you something. Please don’t be under the impression that you can get good work for a cheap price (unless you know the artist, or the tattooer in question is an apprentice). This is essentially a piece of art, and the artist took their time designing it for you, keep in mind that not only time is spend on doing the tattoo. Depending on where you are in the world the price of the tattoo can differ. In Amsterdam for example, most shops start with a minimum price of €100 for a tattoo, whether it be a simple “XXX” or small piece of flash. Depending on where you get the tattoo, it can also influence the rate, (ribs for example are a very difficult spot to work with). Most people save up for their tattoos, remember a tattoo is something that will be on you for the rest of your life. Depending on where you are in the world, the hourly rate can vary from 80 – 200 euros an hour.

I want a tattoo, how do I choose what to get tattooed?

The world is divided here. There are many that believe a tattoo must have significant meaning to them. This is a safe approach as the chances are it will be significant to you forever. There are others out there who are perfectly happy to get aesthetically pleasing design tattooed on them. If you have chosen a specific artist whose work you love then
you can probably leave it to them to design something for you that you will be very happy with. Collecting pictures, drawings and other things that inspire you to make a moodpboard for your future tattoo is very helpful as well.

Does getting a tattoo hurt? & where does it hurt the most?

Keep in mind getting a tattoo is never a painless experience. Depending on placement of the tattoo the pain level will vary. Places like the lower parts of the arms and legs are very doable for a longer period of time. Where places like the front and back of the romp, the insides of the upper arm and leg, the feet, the neck and head area are very sensitive, and the sessions on those spots are usually more intense. Try to keep communicating with your tattoo-artist during the session and ask them for advise on how to handle yourself during a session. We advice our customers to eat well, sleep well and bring snacks and painkillers to the session. Sitting for longer sessions can be uncomfortable, so wearing comfortable clothes is helpful.

How do I book an appointment with a tattoo-artist?

Depending on how busy the shop or artist is there might be a waiting list of a few weeks (or in some cases even longer). Usually booking an appointment can be done in a couple of ways, stepping by the shop for a consultation, through Instagram, (preferably) through email or the bookings form. Make sure to prepare your booking with the required information like references, placement, style etc. to make it easier for the artist or shop to book you in.

How long does getting a tattoo take?

Depending on the size of your design you could be in for a good few hours. Even with a small tattoo that might only take up 15 min of tattooing, keep in mind that with setting up, stencilling and finishing up you’ll still spend around an hour in the tattooshop. You can ask your tattoo artist about the duration of the session beforehand.

Can I bring someone to my appointment for company?

It’s perfectly normal to want to bring a friend or family member with you. However It is strongly suggested that you refrain from doing this as no doubt this will be a distraction for the artist. Very often it happens that your friends and family want to chip in with their opinion on your tattoo that is going on your body. Once this happens, you can’t be
surprised if the artists asks them to return to the waiting area, especially if it becomes clear that your friends or family members are affecting your ability to decide certain aspects of your tattoo. If there are things you are not sure about concerning the design then ask the artist. It is their design and their job to know what works best. Keep in mind most studio’s aren’t very large in size, so usually entourage will be asked to leave when the session starts.

What kind of tattoo can I get?

Did you see a cute fine-line finger tattoo done with white ink? Do you want something just like that? The chances are quite big it won’t be possible. In today’s world, photoshop can create all sorts of impossible expectations. Leave it to the artist to know what is and what is not possible, and even if it is possible, how will it look a couple of years down the line? Keep in mind that a big part of the tattoo comes down to technique, trust the artist when they advice.